Home Schooling English - Waste of time or lessons 2.0?

Distance learning has been a huge and controversial topic in the media recently. Learning at home in front of our computer or tablet is different, but can it really work? 

Our English lessons with Mr. Hüskes proceed as usual. Every week, we have got two videoconferences in which we discuss new topics, correct grammar exercises and sometimes we even get a tour of our teacher’s home and meet his cat and the amazon delivery guy.

Normally, Mr. Hüskes shares his iPad screen and uses it as a blackboard which makes it easier for us to follow. When we want to say something, we can raise our hand virtually in the videoconference. Also sometimes we are divided and meet up with other students in virtual rooms to discuss. These rooms are called breakout rooms and are part.

Our first topic had to do with jobs, so we watched some videos of good and bad job interviews, talked about soft- and hard skills and even had an interview in the video chat where we had to prepare roles for a job at Disney World. 

Our new topic deals with short stories where we focus on writing summaries and characterizations. Normally Mr. Hüskes takes examples from the students and corrects them in front of everybody and wants us to give feedback. As you see, distance lessons are more than just working on tasks and handing them in.

Though we students sit in front of our computers or tablets all day. Seeing and talking to our friends and our teacher makes the lessons much more comfortable in this difficult time. If you ask us, of course we miss our normal school life and our class mates, but we all make the best out of it.

So all in all distance learning isn’t as bad as everyone thought it would be, it is really fun and it works!

Anastasija, Megan, Caren (9c)